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Berean Congress of Christian Education

Auxiliary to the Berean Missionary Baptist District Association

Auxiliary Officers 2022 to 2023


President                                                                                 Rev. Maurice McDaniels

1st Vice President                                                                    TBD

2nd Vice President                                                                   Rev. Raphael Rogers

Recording Secretary                                                               Sis. Loretta Ellis

Assistant Recording Secretary                                                TBD

Corresponding Secretary                                                        Sis. Jennifer Mosby

Financial Secretary                                                                 Sis. Karen Clemons

Treasurer                                                                                 Sis. Teresa Bluiett         

Dean                                                                                        Sis. Mavis Thompson

Assistant Dean                                                                        Sis. Lorretta Ellis

Dean of Records                                                                     TBD

Director General                                                                     TBD

YAD Director                                                                         Dr. Malinda Rowsey

BYF Youth Director                                                               Sis. Ishia Bailey

Assistant BYF Youth Director                                               Sis. Kena King

BYF President                                                                        Bro. Malachi Huddleston

1st Vice President                                                                    Bro. Jesse Canamore

2nd  Vice President                                                                  TBD

Children’s Director                                                                 Sis. Monique Davenport

Assistant Children's Director                                                  TBD

Musician                                                                                  Sis. Crystal Adams

Worship Leaders                                                                     Bro. Fred Citchen

                                                                                                Rev. David Forbes