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  1. House Democrats won't be voting soon to formalize the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

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  2. House Republicans are ramping up their efforts to formally rebuke House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as they look to combat the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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  3. The US House of Representatives has passed the bill that pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong believe would defend their freedom and basic human rights. Although it still has to gain approval from the Senate before becoming law, protesters consider this a big step forward in their fight for democracy.

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  4. The United Arab Emirates is teaming up with UNESCO to rebuild two Christian churches in Mosul, Iraq that were destroyed by ISIS in 2014.

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  5. San Francisco expanded its city-funded travel and contracting bans to 22 states with pro-life laws.

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  6. Hundreds of thousands of students are joining together Wednesday on football fields across the nation to encourage their peers to pray, worship, read their Bibles, and commit their lives to Christ.

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  7. Two Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) F-15 jets destroyed a base that was the headquarters of the anti-ISIS coalition in northern Syria on Wednesday after it had been vacated, according to a military official.

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  8. Christians traveling to Saudi Arabia are being warned not to publicly display their Bible while in the country or travel with more than one copy of the text, despite the kingdom's recent openness to tourism.

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  9. A key measure of consumer spending unexpectedly dropped for the first time in seven months in September, raising concerns about one of the brightest spots in the US economy.

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  10. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday asked members of his right-wing/religious parliamentary bloc to sign a commitment not to join a narrow coalition led by Blue and White leader Benny Gantz that would rely on the support of the Arab parties.

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