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  1. American Christians prepare to worship amid concerns about damaged churches after U.S. President Donald Trump urged more prayers for America.

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  2. The U.S. stock market surged to near-record highs after unemployment dropped unexpectedly in May to 13.3 percent prompting President Donald Trump to cheer as he seeks re-election this year.

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  3. Another round of trade discussions between the European Union and the U.K. ended Friday - and once again there were no signs of progress ahead of a looming deadline on whether a transition arrangement can be extended.

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  4. Forces allied with the U.N.-supported government in Libya’s capital said Friday they have retaken another key western town from rivals behind a year-long offensive on Tripoli. The development is yet another illustration of how Turkey’s support for the Tripoli government has turned the tide of war in the oil-rich country.

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  5. Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was at the red-hot center of the Robert Mueller probe into the phantom menace of Donald Trump's collusion with the Russians. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 3.

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  6. Having relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions, in April the Chinese government resumed and intensified its crack-down on churches, the Christian Post reports. At least 48 Three-Self churches and meeting places were reportedly shut down in Yugan County in the province of Jiangxi from April 18 to 30. Over 10 percent of the more than 1 million residents of Yugan County are Protestants attending some 300 official Three-Self churches.

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  7. A former national security adviser to Israeli PM Netanyahu, says Iran’s failed cyber- attack on Israel’s water supply in April represents a new phase of Iranian aggression, World Israel News (WIN) reported. The Iranian attack sought to cause computers to add too much chlorine to Israel’s water supply. An official source told the Financial Times that the attack was almost successful.

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  8. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) says supreme Palestinian Shariah judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash appears to have authorized Muslims to kill Israelis, WND reported Sunday. Al-Habbash, who was appointed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said in a recent televised address that the Quran shows there are 10 transgressions against which Palestinians are commanded to fight: according to PMW, these transgressions seem to have “been carefully selected in order to turn every single Israeli into a target that every Palestinian Muslim is 'commanded' to fight and 'allowed' kill."

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  9. The economy gained 2.5 million jobs in May, lowering the unemployment rate to 13.3%, the Labor Department said Friday.

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  10. Israel is setting up a task force aimed at bringing a new level of accuracy to genome editing, in the hope it will pave the way to cures for various medical conditions.

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